Equally Wed Same Sex Weddings


SO Plan now FOR YOUR Same Sex Wedding!

Same sex couples will enjoy working  with our wedding professionals who support marriage equality,  Your ceremony itself is a binding ritual so make it truly personal. Start with the basic outline of a traditional wedding as a starting point, and let us help you personalize it from there. : Just like any bride or groom, you can wear whatever you like! Some lesbian couples walk down the aisle in traditional wedding gowns and veils, complete with bridal bouquets, and some choose “tuxedas”. Men might choose traditional formal wear or choose one of our many beautifully crafted suits  for the occasion. You can wear identical ensembles or choose separate outfits that complement your individual styles. The bottom line: Whatever style you choose, we will help you make it your make it your own. at after5 we have a large range of same sex suits and gowns for you to choose from